Boots of spanish leather

I feel just like this song, kinda melancholy... is true that we humans full of emotions had to put a smile on our faces and keep walking on this road that is no easy and way to many times makes us think about where we are, what are we supposed to do, where is the right path to follow or just stay where we are even if our heart is not with us. Days seem gray, is hard for me to choose and find.out if the decision I'm making aren't too drastically. I see my daughter and try the best i can to give her the love for this country, the flag, the american culture that has so many good things, but at the same time i don't see myself being able to cover all the fronts without bringing my family in the states, without medical care. Just the two of us. Sometimes i think i should quit my search around the globe and set myself back home, a country where i don't feel I belong. And where I know is not jobs. All this weight on top of my shoulders. Tough decisions and the only thing i know how to do is keep going, keeping it on myself as always. Just expressing my words in here, give me a breath... spanish boots are spanish leather...

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